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Linux Linux Command

tcpdump : Linux Network Sniffer Tool

grep command in Unix/Linux

nmcli - Linux command

find command in Linux

dirname command


Anydesk installation on centos 7

pipe (|) operator in Linux command

Understanding Hard link in Linux

What is symbolic link, soft link or symlink

Rsync example: automated backup at home

Microsoft Windows vs. Linux File System

VIM text editor

Install Steam on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors on Ubuntu

Install Tilix GTK3 tiling terminal emulator

Install Foliate ePub Reader on Ubuntu

Install Telegram on Ubuntu Linux

Install the Latest Lollypop Music Player in Ubuntu

Install Geary Mail on Ubuntu

Install caffeine in Ubuntu

How to automate SSH login with password?

Install rally in Ubuntu

install Brave Browser

Whenever I switch on Ubuntu I always see the following message.

Install PHP 7.4 on CentOS 8

Install PhpMyAdmin On CentOS 8

Linux security extensions

How To Install Bacula Server on Ubuntu

purpose of putty

Kali Linux Tools for Hacking and Penetration Testing

How to Install Dropbox on Ubuntu

How to Install Krita in Ubuntu

How to install Neofetch in Ubuntu

How to install Mailspring on Ubuntu

How to Install clamtk in Ubuntu

How to Install Shotcut in Ubuntu

How to install desktop app on Ubuntu

How to install Neofetch in Ubuntu

How to Install caffeine in Ubuntu

How to Install SimpleScreenRecorder

How to install Ubuntu Cleaner in Linux

The Linux Filesystem

Why Hackers Use Linux

Linux Memory Issues

CLI, not GUI

The Unix philosophy in a nutshell

Configuring CentOS Run Levels and Services

Why Use Linux?

Server vs. Desktop


The Linux Shell

A Brief History of UNIX and C

Installing Apache Cassandra on CentOS 7

how to run C Program in ubuntu

how to find network card number in ubuntu??

Praise for Ubuntu Linux

The Linux desktop environment

GNU utilities

Basic Linux Navigation

Apt-get Command

Tasksel Commands

Man Pages Command

sudo Command

Open Source

Server vs. Desktop


The Linux Shell

Linux Distributions

Why Use Linux?

How To Format USB Drive in Linux Command Line

Install DDrescue Data Recovery Tool On Ubuntu 16.04

How to Install Kodi Media Center in Ubuntu

overGrive - Ubuntu Installation Instruction

How to install Sophos Antivirus for Linux in Ubuntu

How to install FileZilla FTP client in Ubuntu

How to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

sendmail - installation and testing

Securing the .rhosts and hosts.equiv Files

Exploring the BackTrack Boot Menu

Why Simulating an Insider Attack Is Important??

Installing BackTrack to DVD or USB Thumb Drive

BackTrack: The Big Picture

Installing LaTeX on Ubuntu

Using Brace Expansion

Install Let's Encrypt to Create SSL Certificates

Shortcuts for System Control

Shortcuts for Working in BASH

When Should You Use the Shell?

Why Bother with the Shell?

What Is the BASH Shell?

Installing a Windows Application

Installing and Configuring Wine

Installing Windows Applications with Wine

Manually Installing Using Ubuntu Software Center

Managing Software Updates

Adding Software Sources

Managing Ubuntu Software Options

Advanced Application Management

Software Installation Basics

LiveUSB Install – Live USB Creator

Linux Games

Downloading and Cataloging Images

Watching TV

Watching DVDs

Recording from a Microphone

Creating Your Own CDs

Listening to Podcasts

Tuning In to Online Radio Stations

Purchasing from Online Music Stores

Playing Audio Files

Issues Surrounding Multimedia Playback

Cloud-Based Services

Social Networking Applications


Configuring Instant Messaging

Memos and Tasks in Ubuntu

Calendars in Ubuntu

Contacts in Ubuntu

Advanced E-Mail Tasks in Ubuntu

Basic E-Mail Tasks For Linux

Handy Applications For Linux

A Quick Start with Common Ubuntu Programs

A World of Applications

Adding Virus Scanning to Ubuntu

Ubuntu Online Updates

Ubuntu Commonsense Security

Root and Ordinary Users

Windows Security vs. Linux Security

Using Power-Management Preferences

Configuring Sound Cards in Ubuntu

Configuring Bluetooth in Ubuntu

Configuring Input Devices

Configuring Ubuntu

An Overview of the Installation Process

An Operating System for the Future

Open Source

The Linux Diaspora

GNU “slash” Linux

Linus Torvalds and His Little Project

The Quest for a UNIX-like Operating System

RMS on Free Software

The Rise of the IBM PC... and of Microsoft

The Ubuntu Linux Experience

What Is Ubuntu Linux Anyway?

Ten Reasons to Try Ubuntu Linux

How to Install Wine to Run Windows Applications on Linux

Types of penetration testing

Installing the Cisco password cracker in kali Linux

Updating Kali Linux

Downloading Kali Linux

Kali Linux tool categories

A brief history of Kali Linux

Attacking the Web Server

Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Technical Challenges Faced by Vulnerability Scanners

Vulnerability Scanners

Java Bytecode

The Constant Pool

The Java 2 Class File Format

The Java Development Life Cycle

Class Files in Java 2

The Java Virtual Machine

Security Management with Java 2

Kernel Modules Versus Applications

Version Numbering & License Terms

Security Issues

Classes of Devices and Modules

Splitting the Kernel


GNU and Linux

Linux Shell script example 1

Linux shell script - for loop using ranges or counting

Shell Script Example - Linux

Shell Script : Nested for loop statement

Rename Multiple Files In Linux using mmv command

How to Install Visual Studio Code on CentOS 7

How to install Steam on CentOS 7

How to Install Wine 2.9 in Ubuntu:

How to Extract Information about Hardware Components

How to Print PCI Devices Information

How to Print USB Controllers Information

How to Collect Linux Block Device Information

How to View Linux System Hardware Information

How to View Linux CPU Information

How to View Linux System Information

How to Get Total Inodes of Root Partition

How to Install Yii PHP Framework on CentOS 8

How to Install LAMP Server on CentOS 8

How to Install Arduino Software (IDE) on Linux


How to Disable IPv6 in CentOS

How to Disable SELinux on CentOS

How to Install PuTTY on Linux

How to Install Skype 8.13 on CentOS

How to Hack an ADSL Router

Add a New User in Linux

Install LibreOffice 6.0.4 in CentOS

How to Install Python 3.8 on Amazon Linux

Command Line Arguments in linux shell program

install Bluefish on centos

Install LibreOffice on CentOS

until Loop - linux shell program

The while Loop - Linux Shell Programming

Installing Google Chrome on CentOS

How to List All Files Ordered by Size in Linux

Example of linux find command

Install Sublime Text 3 on CentOS 7

shell embedding and options

shell variables

control operators

commands and arguments(shell expansion)

the Linux file tree

working with files

working with linux directories




Linux history

Famous Hackers

Use of Colon in Shell script

Use of Semicolons in Shell Script

if Statement in Shell Script

for Loops in Shell Script

Control Statements in Shell script

Shell Script - Introduction to shell script

How to Install VLC 3.0 in CentOS 8/7/6










Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on Centos 6

how to add new hard disk in centos


Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)

Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)


Text-to-Speech Utilities(external services)

Rocket.Chat Installation Process(centos)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queues(part-2)[*ASTERISK*]

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queues(part-1)[*ASTERISK*]

Building an Interactive Dialplan(ASTERISK)

A Simple Dialplan(ASTERISK)

Pattern Matching(Asterisk)

How To Install GNOME GUI In CentOS 7 Linux

xrdp installation on CentOS 7

an authentication error has occurred the token supplied to the function is invalid

Changing centos/redhat run level init 3

Failed to start httpd server: Address already in use

File compress and uncompress in linux

Create user in linux

Create and View file in linux

rm command to delete files in linux

History command in linux

du and df Command : Find Size of a directory & Free disk space in linux

ls - linux command to listing files and directory

PWD - Linux command to check current working directory

Linux command to check space

Filter Logs with Grep : linux Command Grep

OpenSSH Server Best Security Practices: secure your OpenSSH server

Vi - Linux file editor

Setup SFTP Server on linux

Get Email Alert on Root Login Linux

Find All Sudo Users In CentOS linux

SELinux : Introduction to SELinux

Apachetop - Web server Real time Traffic Monitor

Clear query cache without restarting server : MySQL

Runing Asterisk command from bash script -shell script

Installing LAMP on RHEL or Centos 7

installation and configuration of fail2ban on CentOS 6

Changing a file's Date Created and Last Modified attributes in linux

What Linux is?

generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) on Linux

Click to Dial or php API to dial from asterisk

Linux Server Hardening Security Tips

Dialer Support - S Net Expert Technology

Shell Script to copy files in a folder

Install LAMP Server (Apache, MySQL, PHP) On RHEL, CentOS

mkdir : linux command


How to Install and Configure OpenSSH Server In Linux

Putty : Connect Linux Server from Windows Computer

Disable SELinux in Linux

What is Process in Linux

Kill all instances of httpd

Backup and Restore Mysql database table

MySQL : Cheking MySQL replication status

Enable setup command in CentOS minimal install

shell script to backup files and directories in Linux using tar & cron jobs

VI editor - Linux command line editor

Clear Memory Cache on Linux centos

ntp - installation and configuration

linux memoery space command

linux date time set command

Stop firewall services centos : linux firewall service stop at startup

Shell script to send mail via smtp : Send mail from external smtp server

Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php/modules/'

phpMyAdmin + CentOS 6.0 - Forbidden : phpmyadmin allow remote access centos

TOP command in Linux

ViciBox Redux 4.0 installation step by step

Reinstall or Upgrade the Dahdi driver to Latest version

what you need to know, before you deploy the VoIP in your organization : QoS (Quality of Service) for VoIP

Shell script to show calender


NagiosQL3 installation step by step in centos/redhat or fedora part 2

Nagios installation step by step in centos/redhat or fedora part 1

Mount.cifs cannot allocate memory mounting

Linux Shell Script To Ftp File To Server

How to find/display your MAC Address: Unix/Linux

Fedora : Linux's Redhat based Distro : Fedora operating system

Email alert on disk space outage in linux

centos add and remove new user

Asterisk Server Consultant

Linux FTP Server : Basic of FTP server

The vi Editor

YUM - What is yum

Linux Cron Job - Schedule Job in linux: crontab

Open LDAP step by step installation and configuration

linux samba server : Basic of samba server

adduser : Linux Command- Create New User account

#1153 - Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes

install ssh on centos

rsync : File Synchronization and File Transfer program

Load Balancing : Understanding Load Balancing

ClearOS - Network Gateway and Network server : Introduction

YUM History - Linux Command

RPM : What is RPM - Red-hat Package Manager

phpmyadmin access denied for ip centos : give phpmyadmin access to ip

Find Linux RAM Information Command and system information

How to get processer (CPU) details in Linux

The vi Editor : Exploring vi Editor

Install google chrome on centos-redhat-fedora

squid proxy server : Basic of squid

LDAP : Basic of Open LDAP: Introduction to LDAP

File transfer in Linux : FTP in linux : Shell script to file trnsfer

Centos FTP command not found : Linux FTP install

Mount.cifs cannot allocate memory : Mounting windows share

Change HostName From Command Line Linux

find the number of CPU cores on Linux

Execute root commands via PHP

No route to host (113)

httpd: unrecognized service

Command for determining my public IP on linux PC

How can I download an entire website?

Linux IP Commands

Linux Gateway / Router IP Address

mount Windows share on Centos 6 or Redhat RHEL

Creating a table with auto_increment

cgi-bin folder in a subdomain

unmount a Linux disk partition centos

shell script to get yesterday's date into a variable

Find out Gateway / router IP address under Linux / UNIX using route command


vicidial / extras / MySQL_AST_CREATE_tables.sql

Asterisk SIP Trunk calling thorugh other server - Communicating two asterisk server

copy a folder under linux server to windows server

Kill Command in Linux